Overview of the major manufacturers of lawnmowers.

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    How to choose a lawn mower?

    Craftsman Lawn Mower

    Today, when the townspeople again are moving closer to nature - whether for permanent residence, and whether just to relax away from the noisy bustle of the cities, the question becomes relevant again upgrading the local area. And even if you are not going on their six or twelve acres to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, territory still have to tidy up a bit. How to do it? It's very simple, you say. Enough to plant an extensive area of ​​lawn grass. Correctly. But what to do when this is the grass begins to grow more treacherous aforesaid height? Not with the same oblique, indeed, go to combat it.

    In fact, everything is really simple. Smart people have long been thought up such a wonderful thing as a lawn mower. And if you are not a fan of antediluvian tools, it's time to buy a farm in the instrument, which, no doubt, will facilitate your work. But today many lawnmowers! How do you choose what you want for you? Let's try to understand what are the mowers, and how they differ. In fact, they can be distinguished by the ease of use, as well as other parameters. How exactly you can understand, if you just look at your site.

    Makita Mower

    So, first define what exactly you are going to mow the grass. This would result in the first factor - power selection lawnmower. If you are going to mow the grass extremely soft, lawn, it is enough to select a small power mower. For a compact area perfect trimmer. This is essentially the same old-fashioned scythe, only automated. This post reminds mower equipped with a motor and a rapidly rotating the cutting head. Trimmer can be electric and petrol. Besides low power (in electrical - no more than 800 watts, while gasoline - up to 2 kW), these lawn mowers, there are two very important advantages - they operate almost silently and are inexpensive. Very reliable and easy to use are, for example, lawn mower company Viking.

    If you intend to use the mower to remove the passing field of grass and bushes, even then, of course, and its capacity to be a lot more. In this case one should pay attention to the mower, which represent the trolley on wheels and a handle. Cheaper option - gasoline. However, such a device and noise considerably, and throws, passing, toxic substances, but grass and very high quality cuts. If the above does not suit you, you should pay attention to the electric lawn mower. It is not so much noise, easy to use. But it has one feature - you can not use this mower to work in the field, since the device is dependent on the power supply.

    Mower MTD

    By the way, if you decide to purchase such a device, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material grass catcher. Because if it is unusable, a new one will be problematic. Ideally, if the items are made from high quality plastic or metal. For example, the American Lawnmower American Lawn Mower, Brill, Stiga not design any plastic part, and the blades - self-sharpening.

    With a capacity understood. The second aspect - obkashivaniya area. If you have to cut a small lawn, you will manage quite trimmer. For the average size of the area is better to use mower. It is suitable, for example, lawn mowers Company SOLO. But if you need to handle very large plot and trimmer, lawn mower wheel and are unlikely to cope with the task. Here you will only fit raider. This kind of tractor-mower, with the person sitting on it. The engine in the raider is very powerful. The device operates on gasoline or diesel. This versatile multifunction device allows you to use it at any time of year, and not only for trimming grass, but also for cleaning the leaves, and as a snowplow.

    Al-ko lawnmowers

    And another important factor - the terrain. The trimmer can be used on virtually any surface, even hilly. Here mower (gasoline or electric), and operate exclusively on raider level. Most same high performance are lawnmowers of BOSCH and MTD.

    Choosing a lawn mower, you need to think in advance how you will collect waste material. If you do not want to do after work on a site with a rake, it is worth to buy a lawn mower with grass catcher box and mulching. For example, firms AL-KO or CASTELGARDEN. And choosing trimmer, consider their physical fitness - because it will have to wear a. If you are caring exclusively lawnmower to mow the lawn grass at home - choose a device with sharp knives - then trimmed grass will look beautiful and will have a healthy natural look.


    Construction of the lawnmower should be chosen based on the terrain and its area, and power - depending on what you're mowing. But how to choose the brand - it depends on your financial capabilities.



    Mower Husqvarna 128R
    Husqvarna 128R

    Mower Viking MB 4 RT
    Viking MB 4 RT

    Mower CRAFTSMAN 25024
    CRAFTSMAN 25024

    Mower Echo SRM-2305SI
    Echo SRM-2305SI

    Mower AL-KO BM 870 II 112313
    AL-KO BM 870 II 112313

    Mower MTD 3816 E HW
    MTD 3816 E HW

    Mower Makita PTM0901
    Makita PTM0901

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